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My Label Campaign

Consumers are more aware and concerned with what is in the food they buy and consume.  New Wave Enviro’s reusable food containers offer a perfect opportunity for everyone to purchase, prepare, carry and consume the food they need and want.  Whether vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, non-GMO, or whatever diets suits you, what you choose to purchase and prepare is your decision, creating your own “label”.  Look for the “My Label” logo on all of New Wave Enviro’s Stainless Steel Food containers and Litter Free Lunch boxes so you are confident the container you are packing is just as safe as the food you are preparing. Check out our recipes page for some healthy lunch and snack ideas.
September 13, 2016

Endangered Species Initiative

NEW WAVE ENVIRO ENDANGERED SPECIES INITIATIVE After reading the WWF’s 2014 Living Planet Report, which found that half of our global wildlife population was lost over the past 40 years, we decided it was time to launch an initiative focused on raising awareness on the world’s most critical endangered species. In 2015 New Wave Enviro will release a new line of Seriously Safe Stainless® water bottles. Each one will feature an artistic rendition of one of the following critically endangered animals: Mountain Gorilla, Amur Leopard, South China Tiger and the Sumatran Elephant. Mountain Gorilla As of November 2012, the estimated total number of mountain gorillas is around 880 Threats include: Poaching, Habit Loss, and Disease Amur Leopard Classified as Critically Endangered Since 2006 19–26 Amur Leopards Extant in the Wild South China Tiger South China tiger is considered by scientists to be “functionally extinct,” as it has not been sighted in the wild for more than 25 years South China…
September 8, 2015

New Wave Partners with EMA

New Wave Enviro is proud to partner with the Environmental Media Association. Look for the EMA “Healthy Family Seal” on our Litter Free Lunch Products, which will each include recipes and shopping lists prepared by EMA celebrity ambassadors. The EMA empathizes with families when it comes to the important product decisions they make on a daily basis. We’re fortunate to live in a time where there are so many options for the things we need, but it’s difficult to know which products are the safest for our children, ourselves, and the planet. For this reason, the EMA Healthy Family Seal was created to help guide eco-friendly, healthy shopping choices. For more information about the EMA, please visit Check out our recipes page for more healthy lunch and snack ideas.
September 7, 2015