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10 Stage Plus Undersink-Model

Everything you need to get fresh, cold filtered water from under your sink! The Under-sink System comes with a beautiful brushed nickel faucet, fittings and tubing, along with a high-pressure housing. Please consult a certified plumber regarding pressure regulator requirement.


Use licensed plumber. Consult licensed plumber regarding need for pressure regulator


Replace High-pressure housing every 5 years


High-pressure housing


Hundreds of gallons of fresh filtered water for 1 year

Filters<: Chlorine, chloroform, TTHM’s, Trihalomethanes, Inorganic Arsenic, Lead, PCB’s, Floating Solids, Herbicides, Mercury and many other organic and inorganic contaminants.

High-pressure housing (plumber required for installation)
Faucet (Nickel Finish)
Plumber required for installation. (Any installation performed by anyone but a professional may cause damages.)

Use licensed plumber
(failure to follow all instructions here and on installation guide may result in property damage.)

Replace cartridge annually
Replace High-pressure housing every 5 years